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Better Decisions

BI for IT. An information management solution to reveal both the details of your existing software systems as well as improving the decision-making on live development projects.

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Do you know what really lies within your software systems?

Kuscos allows you to explore and document your software systems enabling informed decision-making based on accurate and up-to-date information. Control, predict and take ownership of the changes in your software and the performance of your developers through customized and centralized information dashboards.

Timeline Analysis & Software Evolution

Knowing your past trends allows you to predict your future and predictability is a great way to minimize project risk.

Software Metrics

Management based on up-to-date and customized metrics. You can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Team Activity

Measure and manage your development team to improve performance and efficiency. Make sure your development processes and code achieve your quality and certification goals.

Code Duplication & Dead Code

Identifying and eliminating duplicate and redundant code will improve your system efficiency and reduce maintenance costs.

Dependency Analysis

Get to know your system dependencies (internal and external) in order to identify risks and manage the impact of change. Predict your integration needs so that you can accomplish change with less effort.


Once you know it, make it available. Share knowledge through customized reports and dashboards. Increase your code readability and provide your teams with navigable, automatically generated documentation based on standard diagrams for classes, packages, activities and interactions.


Improve, Predict, Reduce Risks, Decrease Costs

Your team is your foundation: analyze and understand it to improve performance and efficiency. Ensure your development processes and code meet corporate and international quality and certification standards.

Identify your code hot spots to better manage the critical modules and people and mitigate risk.


Become more efficient and learn from best practices.


Quality increases based on system analysis reports.

Team Leaders

Increase the team performance through informed decisions.


Reduce risk, cost and time-to-market through better informed decisions.

Languages & Technologies

We support most of the industry standard languages

Keep up with the latest news on supported languages by contact us for detailed information on a language of your preference.

We provide integration with the most up-to-date development support technologies

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